Formative Assessment

Perhaps one of the most common forms of formative assessment is observations. With these observations typically comes anecdotal notes in which the teacher records what he or she sees the student doing at the time of the observation. This form of assessment is beneficial in that it allows you to measure and track the progress of the student.

Summative Assessment

The goal of a summative assessment is essentially to measure the child’s success at the end of a given unit. Summative assessments are typically items with high point values, such as final exams, final projects, or final portfolios. See below for examples of items that should be included in a portfolio.


The Moon: Earth’s Dependable Neighbor

This first grade lesson plan includes 3 lessons that may be used to teach academically advanced children about the moon, its craters, and its phases. The rubric may be used to assess the children after all 3 lessons have been taught and all activities have been completed.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.30.10 PM

Elementary Animal Research Project

This packet of handouts includes two different forms of rubrics that may be used. One is to be used by the teacher in order to evaluate and assess the student. The other is to be used by the student as a form of self-evaluation.


What should be included in a portfolio for preschoolers and kindergarteners?

  • Writing samples
  • Responses to reading experiences
  • Mathematical problem solving
  • Creations that require mathematical understanding
  • Scientific explorations
  • Self-reflections
  • Art/drawing samples

Assessment in Preschool & Kindergarten (slides 16-19) 


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