Parent Involvement

At-Home Activities

This $4 packet from Teachers Pay Teachers provides STEM Challenge Family Projects that may be done to enhance a child’s learning. These at-home activities allow children to use and apply what they already know as well as expand their knowledge with the help of their families. These engaging activities serve as a prime opportunity for families to become involved in the education of their children.

Kids’ Activities Blog suggests 30 at-home projects that a male figure may do with his child. These science experiments, crafts, and innovative projects allow children to delve into their imagination with the help of a significant adult figure.

Parent Newsletters

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 11.50.09 AM

Above is an example of a parent newsletter that may be used to communicate important dates, suggestions for at-home activities, and any other significant information that parents should know.

Above is another example of a parent letter format that may be used to communicate information. The letter explains the content that students will be learning in class for the upcoming week and explicitly lays out what students will be doing each day. The letter also includes a variety of activities that may be done at home, such as practicing spelling words, reviewing songs, or asking children engaging questions. This serves as a method of not only encouraging the parents to become involved with the child at home but also a method of encouraging parent involvement within the classroom.

Ideas to Involve Parents

Host a parent night where parents and guardians may come to the school and students may showcase their work.

Ask for parent volunteers to visit the classroom, help with activities, and assist with project-based learning.

Host parent-teacher conferences. Discuss the strengths of the child as well as areas in which the child shows a need for improvement.

Send home parent newsletters (electronic copies and hard copies).

Use apps (on iPads) where students may post their work online. Allow parents to access this content so that they may see what students are learning in class.


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