Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Title of Lesson: Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Subject: Science (Moon)

Grade level: 1st Grade

Objective(s): (APS 4) By the end of the lesson, students will be able to name the eight phases of the moon in order and identify each phase with pictures.

● Students will draw the 8 phases of the moon, one in each section of a paper (already folded into 8 sections and labelled with the phases)

● Students will make visual illustrations of each phase using oreo cookies

● Conditions: Informal and individual work in a 45 min time frame

● Behavioral Verb: Participation-students will have to follow directions and actively participate to complete activity

● Criteria: Students will represent the 8 phases of the moon using oreos

SCSDE Curriculum Standard(s) Addressed: (APS 4, 6) Use data from personal observations to describe, predict, and develop models to exemplify how the appearance of the moon changes over time in a predictable pattern (1.E.3A.2)


● The necessary fine motor skills

● Know the difference between the sun and the moon

● A basic understanding that the moon changes shape

Materials/Preparation: (APS 6)

● Paper (enough for one piece per student) pre-folded to make 8 boxes and labeled with 8 phases

● Wipes to clean hands after activity

● Paper plates

● 2 packs of Oreos (8 per student) → for our activity we will do 8 oreos for a group of 4-6 students

○ Buy extra packs of oreos in case students break cookies/need extra

Procedures: (APS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Introductory Activity:

● Pull up picture of the moon

● Begin the lesson by asking students to brainstorm what they know about the moon and we will

write their thoughts on the board

Main Activity:

● Give students a piece of paper (folded into 8 boxes and labeled with moon phases)

● Present a slideshow displaying and describing the phases of the moon.

● While we are going through the slideshow, the students will draw a picture that shows the phase named in the box.

● Once we have completed drawing the 8 phases we will pass out cookies to each student

● We will explain that we are going to create the 8 phases we just learned about using cookies

● Go through each phase with students (teacher has own cookies to make a visual representation)

● Walk around check for understanding


● Before you eat cookies hold up your favorite phase of the moon (cookie) and tell me the name of the phase and why it is your favorite

● Bring the picture of the moon back up, ask students what they have learned, ask review questions

○ Ex. “How many phases of the moon are there?”

Assessment: (APS 3)

● Walk around when students are making phases of moon on cookies and check for accuracy

○ Each phase is illustrated accurately on foldable

○ Each phase is accurate on cookie

● Take anecdotal notes of each student and the extent that they have attained the objective

Adaptations and Accomodations: (APS 6, 7)

● In order to help students that may struggle with this lesson, the teacher leads the students through every step and give adequate time to draw the pictures.

○ Remind students where to put each picture

● For students who may struggle with making the phases of the moon with oreos, they could work in partners instead of individually

Follow-up Lessons/Activities: (APS 7)

● Phases of the moon wheel- activity where students create their own wheel that shows each phase of the moon

● During calendar time share the night that their will be full moons- lead a discussion in what the students remember about the phases of the moon

http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2008/08/howl-at- the-moon.html (second activity)


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