Types of Soil

Students in 3rd grade will learn about the various types of soil in the environment. PearDeck Presentation


Skittle Erosion Lab

Abigail Montesi Skittle Erosion Lab Third Grade Science Objective(s): o By the end of this lesson, the children will understand how weathering and erosion works. o During the lesson the children will be able to record their observations. SCSDE Curriculum Standard(s) Addressed: (APS 4, 6) o 3.E.4B.2 Plan and conduct scientific investigations to determine how … Continue reading Skittle Erosion Lab

PSA! Severe Weather!

Title of Lesson: PSA! Severe Weather Subject: Science (Weather) Grade level: Second Grade Teacher: Brette Carey and Mary Catherine Robbins Objective(s): (APS 4) After discussing different types of severe weather, the student will demonstrate their knowledge of one type of severe weather by creating a PSA video in a group that includes two facts about … Continue reading PSA! Severe Weather!

Exploring Properties of Solids & Liquids

Title of Lesson: Exploring Properties of Solids and Liquids Subject: Science Grade Level: 2 Teachers: Elizabeth Marks and Evelyn Rogers Objective(s): After discussing the properties of solids and liquids, students will be able to create a T-chart to compare the properties of solids and liquids by listing two characteristics and two examples of each in … Continue reading Exploring Properties of Solids & Liquids

Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Title of Lesson: Oreo Cookie Moon Phases Subject: Science (Moon) Grade level: 1st Grade Objective(s): (APS 4) By the end of the lesson, students will be able to name the eight phases of the moon in order and identify each phase with pictures. ● Students will draw the 8 phases of the moon, one in … Continue reading Oreo Cookie Moon Phases

Lights and Shadows

Title of Lesson: Lights and Shadows Subject: Science Grade level: 1 st Grade Teacher: Caroline Templeton and Anna Crittendon Objective(s): (APS 4)  During a discussion on lights and shadows, students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between lights and shadows by actively contributing to class discussions, a demonstration, and a KWL chart.  … Continue reading Lights and Shadows

Plant Part Lunch

Title of Lesson: Plant Part Lunch Subject: Life Science- Plants Grade level: 1st Teacher: Amber Hall and Abigail Montessi Objective(s): (APS 4) By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to list at least one food that we eat for each of the following plant parts: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and … Continue reading Plant Part Lunch