Skittle Erosion Lab

Abigail Montesi Skittle Erosion Lab Third Grade Science Objective(s): By the end of this lesson, the children will understand how weathering and erosion works. During the lesson the children will be able to record their observations. SCSDE Curriculum Standard(s) Addressed: (APS 4, 6) o 3.E.4B.2 Plan and conduct scientific investigations to determine how natural processes … Continue reading Skittle Erosion Lab


Children’s Literature

Kindergarten Standard K.L.2 The student will demonstrate an understanding of organisms found in the environment and how these organisms depend on the environment to meet those needs. Indicator K.L.2A.2 Conduct structured investigations to determine what plants need to live and grow (including water and light). Standard K.E.3 The student will demonstrate an understanding of daily … Continue reading Children’s Literature