PSA! Severe Weather!

Title of Lesson: PSA! Severe Weather Subject: Science (Weather) Grade level: Second Grade Teacher: Brette Carey and Mary Catherine Robbins Objective(s): (APS 4) After discussing different types of severe weather, the student will demonstrate their knowledge of one type of severe weather by creating a PSA video in a group that includes two facts about … Continue reading PSA! Severe Weather!


Exploring Properties of Solids & Liquids

Title of Lesson: Exploring Properties of Solids and Liquids Subject: Science Grade Level: 2 Teachers: Elizabeth Marks and Evelyn Rogers Objective(s): After discussing the properties of solids and liquids, students will be able to create a T-chart to compare the properties of solids and liquids by listing two characteristics and two examples of each in … Continue reading Exploring Properties of Solids & Liquids